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Friday, February 4, 2011

Not on theme.....

Today I'm not going to post "A Day in the Life of a Zarin".  I'm going to tell you about the best dream I have EVER had.  And one of the worst, and I have some pretty awful dreams sometimes..... Saving the best for last:

Attack(this is not for the faint of heart that can see thing in their heads quite clearly.... ):
I was in a camp, with only a big wooden "building" in the center of camp, a man ran into camp.  "You have to hurry! They're coming! They're going to kill us all!" People start sharpening stakes, and sticking them into the ground.  "First, attack with these."  The captain pulled out one of the large stakes.  "Then, when you've made a few kills with those, attack with these little daggers."  He held up a small, silver dagger.  "Then, upgrade again to these swords."  He held up a huge sword.  "Last, use these, they require a great deal of skill, so be warned."  He pointed to a stack of wooden staffs.  The captain and some people that worked with him went inside the building, leaving the troops outside.  I watched the gate guard closely, something was about to go very, very wrong.  Then, it did.  A hand reach under the gate, in the hand was a dagger.  The dagger plunged into the gate-guard's heart, a fountain of blood pouring from him.  Then, the gate swung open, and the attack began.  I had my stake ready.  I stabbed one vampire, it died, and disappeared.  I stabbed a bunch of vampires, and then the captain screamed at me, "UPGRADE!" So I did.  I grabbed a silver dagger and started my killing spree again.  Until the captain shouted, "SWORD!" I grabbed a sword, but I couldn't lift it! It was too heavy! I was the only one still alive, even the captain had been killed, and I couldn't lift my weapon.  The vampires swarmed in, I tried to hit them, but couldn't.  A vampire jumped at me from behind, and they started feeding.  I had died......

Best Dream, I can't tell it all....:
I was at my dance school, and there was a man there.  Dressed all in white, with his hair going out everywhere.  His hair was white also.  And his skin, was the palest I had ever seen.  He was coughing, and standing in front of some mirrors.  He walked away from the mirrors, and most of the people in the room started freaking out.  My friend, Bee, and I however, did not.  There was blood splattered all over the mirror.  "Bee!" I said, "Let's go place our hands in the blood, then let them slowly slide of the mirror, and it'll look like something out of a horror movie!" We told a guy that used to go to our dance school our idea.  "You'd better hurry, the vampire is cleaning the mirror..." We looked over, and the blood was almost completely gone.  I ran up and jumped on the vampire's back, he looked at me and smiled.  Then he started running.  It was so much fun, being on a vampire's back! He was running, but not like you hear about vampires running.  He wasn't running very fast, faster than people, but not much faster.  "He's my new friend!" I said, a bunch of other people were getting piggy-back rides from other guys.  "Keet!" Everybody screamed at me.  "He can't be your friend!" The vampire kind of wilted, then he bit my hand.  "Why did you bite me?!" I asked, nearly in tears, not because it hurt, but because he was my friend! Then he turned into an amazing dragon.  I flew on the dragons back, around the room, hugging his neck so I didn't fall off.  It was amazing.  Then it landed, and I just sat on his back, hugging him.  "I'm older than I should be..." He said  "You're my best friend," I whispered.  Then my dance teacher walked up, "He looked kind of old to be a creature."  She said.  "Yeah, he said 'I'm older than I should be' a minute ago..." I shrugged.  She frowned.  "Take him, he's going to have to leave us." "NO!" I screamed.  They started taking him away, I tried to grab him, to stay with him! But I couldn't, they grabbed me.  I lied on the floor sobbing.  "Give her some pollen, we'll see if one of them stick with her."  I heard someone whisper.  Then some small, fuzzy, purple things landed in front of me.  I held my breath.  I knew that if I breathed one in it would be my creature.  They faded.  I had to find a way to my creature.  My dragon.  And, my best friend.  I had to save him, before it was too late.  I walked carefully to the stairs.  I went through the door without making a sound.  I found a dog in the stairwell! I went all the way upstairs to look for my dragon.  I found where he would be hidden, so I went back downstairs before anybody noticed the I was missing.  The person who had taken my creature away saw me come out of the stairwell.  "What were you doing on the stairs?"  She asked.  "I heard this dog, it got itself stuck, silly dog!" I said.  Everybody else went outside, I stayed in.  Then I went back upstairs.  "It's time to get you out!" I whispered to my dragon.  The person who had taken him away caught me.  "Please! Let me have my creature back!" I pleaded.  She said "No,he's too old!" But then found a paper.  The paper said that my creature was the king of dragons.  She let me have him back.  "Oh my gosh!" I said, "I'm so happy I have you back!" I nearly started crying.  I got on him, and started riding.  We somehow got outside of my dance school, and we were flying.  It was amazing! Flying on a dragon! The only way I was staying on was holding on to his neck with both my arms and legs.  I wasn't afraid of falling off though.  I knew my dragon, creature, and best friend would save me.  We flew, until we got to my house. 

I only remember fragments after that.  I also had an AWFUL tornado dream the same night as these two... I'll post my Zarin story, too, I guess.....

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