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Monday, February 28, 2011


Yes, I have been doing this game for 7 weeks now! Technically I started 8 weeks ago, but I didn't put up a picture last week, so this is week 7 :P
So, What is this a picture of?  Good luck :P

Sunday, February 27, 2011

I have a lot to say today :)

Seeing as I didn't even put up a WHAT IS THIS A PICTURE OF this week nobody won... I'm sorry, but tomorrow we will have a new one up! I have a good one :)

I finished a REALLY good book today! KILLER PIZZA, by Greg Taylor.  It has a good review by R. L. Stine, too :D

Great/Weird song: Shut up and Smile, by *drumroll* BOWLING FOR SOUP! Yeah.... Nobody under the age of 12 should listen to them.  I've only heard one of their songs without a swear.  I love this band XD

"Throw your arms around someone, maybe sprend a little love! I know it sounds a little dumb, and maybe I'm a little drunk.  But all we need is some ice cream, and a huuuug!
Take a look around, does life really suck?  Are we just complaining?  I hope that this mic is on... 'Cuz I'm on a roll here, I hope this is making some sense, I hope that you'll throw her hands up and sing.  And tell all the haters to, Shut up and Smile, yea!"  ~ Part of the song "Shut up and Smile" by Bowling for Soup.  Funniest/Best part! :O

Started reading another library book! Clockwork Angel, by *another drumroll* Cassandra Clare! Love her books, AND she wrote a ZOMBIE story in Unicorns vs. Zombies! :3

I have a goooood reason for not posting since Wednesday: I slept-over at Bee's(Bella Nell's :P) house Thursday, into Friday, and didn't get home until late.  My niece slept-over Friday into Saturday.  Then I was at Meep's house Yesterday to Today! Lots of sleep-overs, but I'll be blogging a lot again now! :P

I need to find something to knit! Please, when you finish reading this (:P) go read my list of knitting ideas on Knit an Adventure!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wednesday update random.

This is a "random update", so I'm going to post a bunch of stuff, just to post about something! :P

Today I'm going to be drawing more "The Powers" pictures.  A few of the protectors probably.  I'm also going to draw the kid's party outfits, from the girl's birthday.  Bella's is pretty.......... interesting?  Oh well.

I'm hoping to finish "The Zombie Chronicles" audiobook/podcast today!

I'm going to be writing a lot of Kylie's Test today.  The characters have three names now! At least most of them.  The hidden-worlder's name their children in a special way: First, middle, and last names! Which is why the triplets each have their own last name. 

I'm sorry! I forgot to put up my "What is this a picture of" this week! My camera wasn't working though, soo... I'll use it for next Monday!

I organized my Author book recently! It has pretty colored tabs sticking out of it now. :)

I'm going to work on a project about Northern Snakeheads today, the project is for a fair.  I'll post about it when it's done! :D

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Triplets

Since Tuesday is a book update day I'm going to tell you about the triplets!
Kylie Avlynn Black (Graceful Bird's Shadow)
Maria Ivory Luna (Bitter Cream-colored Moon)
Bella Ebony Nell (Beautiful Black Light)
Their parents, Miliana, and Bennett, named them for the name, not the meaning.  Unlike their protector's parents... Anyway.  I am re-writing the book by the way.  I was reading some "writing tips" and one of the tips was "Write, then re-write!" And I was having a hard time with The Powers.  It wasn't writing, right.  :P
So the stuff about the triplets is the new stuff.  They've changed a bit, and WOW, you should see how much the protectors changed! Except Zo.... He's pretty much the same...

Kylie's favorite colors are Black and Red.  And getting into trouble is basically what she does best! Well, other than killing demons. ;)  She dyes her hair partially red on her 14th birthday, even though their foster mother didn't want her to.  She walked away from her sisters, and out of a store (in a mall), to talk to Isha, even though she had never met him, she had simply had a dream about him.  Then he goes to her house later that night, though nobody invited him.  Together Isha, and Kylie are more trouble then any of their family members thought was possible.  Though Isha is sometimes annoyingly cautious, and protective. 

Maria's favorite colors are Orange, and Blue.  Maria just likes having fun.  And is always teasing Kylie.  Maria hate their foster mother, Myra, as much as Kylie does! And as much as Myra hates her.  Though Myra hates them she homeschools them, and buys them whatever they want, as long as it keep them away from her she's happy! When Maria first meets Zosimo, it's a recipe for DISASTER! But after a while they begin to act like friends.  More like twins, actually... Maria never thought Kylie could be anymore trouble than she is alone, but then Isha came along, and he's as bad as she is! Zosimo is annoying, and sometimes swears(No swear words are actually in the book!), and does bad stuff like that, but he can be nice, and as overly-protective as Isha is.

Bella's favorite colors are Pink, and Purple.  Bella is quiet, or so you think, until you get to know her! Bella can be the life of the party, or the shy little girl in the corner, talking to no one.  Just depends on her mood really. ;)  Bella hates Myra, because Myra hates Bella's siblings, but Myra loves Bella, because Bella loves her bedroom, which is pink, and purple.  Bella, and Elaine get along very well! Elaine is a little girl who loves reading, writing, drawing, painting, dancing, and singing, and Bella is a girl who likes all of that except singing.  Meaning she likes reading, writing, drawing, painting, and dancing.  Bella is more protective of Elaine is, then Elaine of Bella, even though Elaine is the protector!

So, there's some information about the triplet for ya! Well, I'm afraid the hidden-worlders need my help!! Especially the triplets!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Holy cow!

It's been sooo long since I posted!! Yes! I know! 4 whole days!!!

I am re-writing The Powers book! From the beginning, the girls are now at the mall during their 14th birthday, where Kylie meets Isha for the first time, and Bella, and Maria have some sisterly (annoying) assumptions about Kylie, and Isha when they start talking for a long time as if they already knew each other.  (Kylie had a dream with Isha in it before the mall trip.)  They are also living in a foster home, which they hate.  And their foster Mother hates all of them, except Bella.  Kylie also dyes her "bangs" (as in the picture I posted a while ago) Bright red, even though their foster mother doesn't approve of hair dye. 

The winners of the most recent "WHAT IS THIS A PICTURE OF?!":
1. Meep, for being the first to guess.  (I'm doing the winners in order of having guessed, because everybody got it right :P)
2. My Mom.
3. My Dad.
Thank you, everyone for playing! And thank you for reading :)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Random Update

First random update, since the first random update! I'm currently doing school work, kind of...... Actually I'm blogging with my school work on my lap, and my pencils in my mouth.  OK I spit the pencils out.  I should be doing math, and working on my project about Snakeheads.  Snakeheads are a type of fish by the way.  Big (some), Mean (most??), and quite common in some places! Giant Snakeheads have been known to attack humans, out of fear for their children, so I've heard.  People have been led to believe that snakeheads can walk on land, and live for 3 days! Yes, Snakehead have lungs, so do many other fish! They have lungs, and gills.  That way, they can live in low oxigen situations, such as very murky, dirty water.  Or shallow water with little oxigen.  Betta fish can do this also.  CHALLENGE:
Find at least one other way Betta Fish and Snakeheads are alike.  I'll probably know it, so I'll know if you're making it up.  :D

Monday, February 14, 2011


It's not hard to figure out.  By the way, Happy Valentine's Day!!! <3

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Oh Wow....

Well, this is my first time posting on a Sunday since I chose themes!
1. Winners of the "What is This a Picture of?!" are as follows:
  ~My Mom, for being the first to guess.  (Answer to your question: I take pictures of my breakfast when I completely forget that I'm supposed to post a picture of something on my blog for people to guess what it is.)
  ~My Dad, for being the second to guess.
  ~Brooke, for being the third to guess. 

Though you didn't all actually SAY the answer...

2. Just thought I throw this out there:
The book "Zombies VS. Unicorns" is great!! It's for ages 14-adult, just to let you know.  Something could be more appropriate, but for that age-range I think it's fine.  Best stories:

Princess Prettypants by Meg Cabot (Unicorn)
Bougainvillea by Carrie Ryan (Zombie)
The Care and Feeding of your Baby Killer Unicorn by Diana Peterfreund (Zombie... Er, unicorn.. :)
Cold Hands by Cassandra Clare (Unic- Zombie.(I already liked Cassandra Clare's books though, so can I still count that I liked this story?)

Remember, this is MY opinion.  I enjoyed all of them though! Inoculata, by Scott Westerfeld, is good, too.  About some kids.  In a Zombie apocalypse.  Whooo, get bitten.  BUT, don't become zombies!! They become imune to the zombieness! Sorry Team Unicorn, I typically like Zombies better, but these stories give a different perspective of Unicorns!! Meaning I like these stories A LOT.  Meaning this book is going to be on my wish list.  Meaning I'm going to try very hard to get this book on my bookshelf.  Meaning I'm gonna need a new bookshelf... Soon. (Hint......? :D)  I doubt I could fot this book on my bookshelf in it's current state............. I'm going to take a picture!!!!!!!

3.  Thank you all for reading my blog! You are awesome!! At least.......... most of you, 'cause some of you are just plain weird. (Dad........... >_>)

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Not my fault!!

Sorry I haven't been blogging for a few days, I got sick on Thursday.  Well, I started coughing and stuff on Wednesday.  I'm almost completely fine now, though.  Since I'm still recovering, I'm not going to dance today.  Which is fine considering I probably wouldn't be able to do anything.  Well, much.  :P  So, I'm at home, blogging.  :3  I am going to a play practice tonight though, sooo....  OK enough blogging for right now! I've gotta practice my guitar....

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

BoOk UpDaTe! (Meet the girls!)

Ow.  I landed on my head, again.  Stupid monkey bars...

Kidding! That's not in any of my books! o.o I have an idea! Finish that story! :D
Now something about my books:

Kylie Black
Protector: Isha Yamanu.
Favorite Colors: Red, and Black.
Main Power: Water.
Name Meaning: Graceful Shadow.
Three lines from book:
 Maria Luna
Favorite Colors:
Main Power:
Name Meaning:
Three lines from book:
 “I've never seen someone so surprised they screamed until they were unconscious! Only when people were nearly, but not quite, scared to death!” (Maria spat)
 Bella Nell
Favorite Colors:
Main Power:
Name Meaning:
Three lines from book:
 I forgot what happened to you Kyl!” (Bella gasped)
 Mae Nell
Protector: Nolan Mortyss
Favorite Colors: Black, and navy Blue
Main Power: Earth (until the end o.O)
Name Meaning: Shining Pearl (I mixed the name up a bit to sound better.)
Three lines from book:

(Mae stepped forward) “They're my sisters too. I'm going.”

Oh yes! Because you are so afraid of getting in trouble.” (Bella grinned)

The Darkest Lord had as in an old warehouse for a while. Today he decided it was time to move as because you got too close, I punched him in the face when he told me to get in the van. And he had his demons throw me out of the van here.” (My mouth fell slightly open.)
I'm back here, in this horrible house....” (She looked like she was about to cry)

What's going on?! Why should I be strong enough to fight of tranquilizer? You should I need to be? I WANT ANSWERS!!” (I shouted)
Yes. The Graceful Shadow challenges all shadows that dare come near her!” (I said boldly)
(I look at Isha, bewildered) “Isha?! What does that mean?”

Monday, February 7, 2011

WHAT IS THIS A PICTURE OF?!!?!?!?!?!?!?! (Week 5!!)

I was pretty busy yesterday, so I couldn't really blog......  Anyway.  The winners of WHAT IS THIS A PICTURE OF?! Week 4.
1. My Mom, because she was the first guesser.
2. Brooke, because she is the only other person to have guessed.

The picture was of the sun through my window at a weird angle!! So, nobody really won.

I'll give you a quick hint: It looks gross, but it's really not... Can't wait to see the guesss for this one!! XD

Friday, February 4, 2011

A Day in the Life of a Zarin (Chapter 3!)

I walked out the door with Tessen strapped to my front, and my pack on my back.  I met Sierra in the woods behind my house.  We walked through the woods, discussing our plans.  We planned to find a place where nobody would find us, and build a big house for ourselves.  Then someday, we would return to the Ghsot Town, and nobody would know who we are.  We had plans for what we would eat, and how we would get water.  We stopped for the night when Tessen started crying.  I quieted Tessen, while Sierra made us a place to sleep for the night.  Then we built a fire, while Tessen slept in the carrier.  We made some peanut butter sandwiches, and talk for a while.  Then we put out the fire, and went to sleep.  We woke when the sun came through the shelter's "door", and shown on our eyes.  I was tired, and sore from all the walking we had done, but we had to press on.  We got up, and started walking again...

(Sorry the post is so short, I wanted to post it today, but didn't start until later than I should have :)

Not on theme.....

Today I'm not going to post "A Day in the Life of a Zarin".  I'm going to tell you about the best dream I have EVER had.  And one of the worst, and I have some pretty awful dreams sometimes..... Saving the best for last:

Attack(this is not for the faint of heart that can see thing in their heads quite clearly.... ):
I was in a camp, with only a big wooden "building" in the center of camp, a man ran into camp.  "You have to hurry! They're coming! They're going to kill us all!" People start sharpening stakes, and sticking them into the ground.  "First, attack with these."  The captain pulled out one of the large stakes.  "Then, when you've made a few kills with those, attack with these little daggers."  He held up a small, silver dagger.  "Then, upgrade again to these swords."  He held up a huge sword.  "Last, use these, they require a great deal of skill, so be warned."  He pointed to a stack of wooden staffs.  The captain and some people that worked with him went inside the building, leaving the troops outside.  I watched the gate guard closely, something was about to go very, very wrong.  Then, it did.  A hand reach under the gate, in the hand was a dagger.  The dagger plunged into the gate-guard's heart, a fountain of blood pouring from him.  Then, the gate swung open, and the attack began.  I had my stake ready.  I stabbed one vampire, it died, and disappeared.  I stabbed a bunch of vampires, and then the captain screamed at me, "UPGRADE!" So I did.  I grabbed a silver dagger and started my killing spree again.  Until the captain shouted, "SWORD!" I grabbed a sword, but I couldn't lift it! It was too heavy! I was the only one still alive, even the captain had been killed, and I couldn't lift my weapon.  The vampires swarmed in, I tried to hit them, but couldn't.  A vampire jumped at me from behind, and they started feeding.  I had died......

Best Dream, I can't tell it all....:
I was at my dance school, and there was a man there.  Dressed all in white, with his hair going out everywhere.  His hair was white also.  And his skin, was the palest I had ever seen.  He was coughing, and standing in front of some mirrors.  He walked away from the mirrors, and most of the people in the room started freaking out.  My friend, Bee, and I however, did not.  There was blood splattered all over the mirror.  "Bee!" I said, "Let's go place our hands in the blood, then let them slowly slide of the mirror, and it'll look like something out of a horror movie!" We told a guy that used to go to our dance school our idea.  "You'd better hurry, the vampire is cleaning the mirror..." We looked over, and the blood was almost completely gone.  I ran up and jumped on the vampire's back, he looked at me and smiled.  Then he started running.  It was so much fun, being on a vampire's back! He was running, but not like you hear about vampires running.  He wasn't running very fast, faster than people, but not much faster.  "He's my new friend!" I said, a bunch of other people were getting piggy-back rides from other guys.  "Keet!" Everybody screamed at me.  "He can't be your friend!" The vampire kind of wilted, then he bit my hand.  "Why did you bite me?!" I asked, nearly in tears, not because it hurt, but because he was my friend! Then he turned into an amazing dragon.  I flew on the dragons back, around the room, hugging his neck so I didn't fall off.  It was amazing.  Then it landed, and I just sat on his back, hugging him.  "I'm older than I should be..." He said  "You're my best friend," I whispered.  Then my dance teacher walked up, "He looked kind of old to be a creature."  She said.  "Yeah, he said 'I'm older than I should be' a minute ago..." I shrugged.  She frowned.  "Take him, he's going to have to leave us." "NO!" I screamed.  They started taking him away, I tried to grab him, to stay with him! But I couldn't, they grabbed me.  I lied on the floor sobbing.  "Give her some pollen, we'll see if one of them stick with her."  I heard someone whisper.  Then some small, fuzzy, purple things landed in front of me.  I held my breath.  I knew that if I breathed one in it would be my creature.  They faded.  I had to find a way to my creature.  My dragon.  And, my best friend.  I had to save him, before it was too late.  I walked carefully to the stairs.  I went through the door without making a sound.  I found a dog in the stairwell! I went all the way upstairs to look for my dragon.  I found where he would be hidden, so I went back downstairs before anybody noticed the I was missing.  The person who had taken my creature away saw me come out of the stairwell.  "What were you doing on the stairs?"  She asked.  "I heard this dog, it got itself stuck, silly dog!" I said.  Everybody else went outside, I stayed in.  Then I went back upstairs.  "It's time to get you out!" I whispered to my dragon.  The person who had taken him away caught me.  "Please! Let me have my creature back!" I pleaded.  She said "No,he's too old!" But then found a paper.  The paper said that my creature was the king of dragons.  She let me have him back.  "Oh my gosh!" I said, "I'm so happy I have you back!" I nearly started crying.  I got on him, and started riding.  We somehow got outside of my dance school, and we were flying.  It was amazing! Flying on a dragon! The only way I was staying on was holding on to his neck with both my arms and legs.  I wasn't afraid of falling off though.  I knew my dragon, creature, and best friend would save me.  We flew, until we got to my house. 

I only remember fragments after that.  I also had an AWFUL tornado dream the same night as these two... I'll post my Zarin story, too, I guess.....

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Quotes and stories from the week.

1. Meep - "UNACCEPTABLE!" Keet - *playing on laptop* "Uh-huh..." Meep - "Nooo! UNACCEPTABLE!" Keet - ??  Meep - "I Say UNACCEPTABLE, you say...." Keet - "Big word :P"

2. Keet "'course you didn't! You're not meeeeeeeee! XD"  Bee - "Sadly.... :P" Keet - "You're sadly not me? o.O" Bee - "Well you aren't the same person............. are we?" Keet - "Are we?" Bee - "We'd better check that out just to be sure................." Keet - "Yeah we should...... We might be twins :P" Bee - "Not that being related would be bad :P" Keet - "But I really think we're genetically modified twins so we look different..........." Bee - "Well, we're not that different. we both like the same things(relatively), have the same amount of younger siblings, and have dark hair and eyes." Keet - "Exactly!!! And we're both occasionally spazzic!! :P"

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tuesday post. *I've decide the theme!*

A while ago I decided that I was going to make my blog mostly book updates, that way I'd always have something to post about.  So book updates are going to be Tuesday's post, as well as Saturday's post!

Just for fun, Meep, and I started writing a story together.  So far it's called "Avril's Raven" but that's probably not going to be the name.  It's about a girl named Avril, and her brother Zoltan.  Their mother had been a wizard, but their father had not.  Avril, and Zoltan should both have the "Power spark" in them, but Zoltan doesn't, and so, Zoltan cannot be a wizard.  (By the way, Meep and I are working on it separately, and this is MY version.)  Avril sees a raven that reminds her of her mother.